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JTLV "Build a Home in Tel Aviv"

Tel Aviv, a city that never sleeps, promised to be a welcoming and vibrant home for many. However, beneath the surface, a different reality unfolds. In the midst of beach parties and the illusion of everything within reach, there are significant pains that individuals encounter.Tel Aviv, with its fast pace and bustling streets, can leave people feeling lost, disconnected, and longing for a sense of belonging.

  • Isolation and Loneliness: Despite the city's lively atmosphere, many individuals experience a deep sense of isolation and struggle to form meaningful connections in Tel Aviv's fast-paced environment.

  • Cultural Disorientation: Moving to Tel Aviv can be overwhelming, with newcomers feeling disoriented amidst the cultural nuances and unfamiliarity of the city.

  • Spiritual Disconnect: Infusing spirituality into Tel Aviv's vibrant lifestyle can be challenging, leading to an erosion of personal values and a lack of guidance in navigating a meaningful spiritual path.

  • Lack of Community Gathering Spaces: The absence of dedicated spaces where people can come together, celebrate traditions, and foster connections leaves a void in the lives of individuals seeking a sense of belonging in Tel Aviv.

  • Feeling Adrift in the Crowd: Despite the city's vibrant energy, many individuals struggle to find their place and purpose, feeling like anonymous faces in a sea of people.


Introducing JTLV

A community dedicated to creating a home away from home in Tel Aviv. 

We understand the pain faced by individuals seeking a sense of belonging in this bustling city.

 JTLV provides a one-stop-shop experience, offering a welcoming space where connections are made, traditions are celebrated, and spirituality is nurtured. 

We are committed to bridging the gap between the street and the soul of Tel Aviv, providing a supportive community that embraces diversity and fosters deep connections.

"JTLV transformed my experience in Tel Aviv. It provided me with a sense of community, a place where I felt seen, valued, and embraced. This community truly changed my life." - Rachel S.


"Before discovering JTLV, I felt lost and disconnected in Tel Aviv. This community became my anchor, offering me a sense of belonging, meaningful friendships, and a space to explore and nourish my spirituality." - David R


At the New JTLV Home Away for Home, You Can Expect:

  • Friday Night Gatherings: Experience warm and welcoming Shabbat meals where you can connect with others and celebrate the joy of community.

  • Spiritual Services: Engage in meaningful Shabbat and festival services that uplift the soul and provide a space for reflection and connection with Jewish traditions.

  • Educational Offerings: Attend engaging Torah classes, where you can explore Jewish teachings, wisdom, and values in an inclusive and accessible way.

  • Community Events: Take part in nonstop events, from music gatherings and meditative sessions to barbecues and parties, infusing each occasion with a touch of spirituality.

  • Matchmaking Services: Discover the opportunity to find a soulmate and build a meaningful relationship within our community, guided by our dedicated team.

  • Support and Guidance: Receive guidance and support from our caring Rabbi and community members who are committed to helping you navigate your spiritual journey.

A Home Away from Home:  a place where you can work, study, or simply relax during the week, creating a sense of belonging in the heart of Tel Aviv.


The Perfect Location: Allenby 22

BrAfter an extensive search, we have found the perfect location for our new JTLV Center at Allenby 22. This central and vibrant address will serve as the physical embodiment of our vision—a place where the heart of Tel Aviv can converge, and a  beacon of light for all who seek connection, growth, and a sense of home.iefly introduce yourself and share something interesting with website visitors. Double click to edit the text.

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Rabbi Hill

Our passionate and devoted leader

"The power of community and the power of a physical space dedicated to fostering connection and growth is immeasurable. We have witnessed countless lives transformed through JTLV, and with your support, we can continue to make a difference. Your contribution will create a lasting impact, not only on the individuals who seek a home in Tel Aviv but on the entire community as a whole."


Take Action Today

We invite you to be a part of this incredible journey of building a home in Tel Aviv. Your support will enable us to establish a vibrant and inclusive community center where lives are transformed, relationships are forged, and spirituality is rekindled.

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